Food Safety and Animal Welfare

  • Can you explain the recent video from one of your farms?

    Farmer John has been a West Coast favorite and beloved brand since 1931 and we are committed to the well-being and stewardship of the animals in our care. As such, we stand behind our quality products.

    We have reviewed the video and completed a full investigation at the farm. Because the video appeared to show unauthorized access to our farm and our animals, out of an abundance of caution, we suspended the farm depicted in the video and halted the movement of animals from this location. A third-party auditor completed an on-site assessment within 24 hours of the video’s release. The farm passed the audit and no animal welfare concerns were identified. Additionally, we have a corrective action plan in place that includes increased on-site security patrols for the foreseeable future.

    Claims in the video make reference to the use and effectiveness of antibiotics on the farm. The judicious use of approved antibiotics is practiced to care for animals that need to be treated. In fact, we partner with veterinary experts to establish long-term, health improvement strategies to reduce the need for antibiotics. All antibiotics are regulated by the FDA and licensed veterinarians prescribe only approved medications and dosage levels to keep our animals healthy while ensuring food safety.

    In addition, veterinarian Dr. Paul Thomas of AMVC Veterinary Services, was at this location a week prior to the video’s release on a routine visit and has validated that our animals at the farm, and throughout our system, are healthy and well cared for.

    “As the independent veterinarian responsible for overseeing the pigs raised by Farmer John on the West Coast I routinely visit their farms to assess the ongoing health and well-being of the pigs, and to evaluate the effectiveness of their treatment programs for ill pigs,” said Dr. Thomas. “Additionally, I perform regular testing that confirms the illnesses being treated at this farm are due to pig-specific bacteria and the FDA-approved medications being used are effective against them. During my latest health visit, I found that all pigs were being provided with appropriate care and pig health was very good.

    I have great confidence in the level of experience of the caretakers at this location and the quality of care they provide to the pigs on the Farmer John farms.”

    All of our products meet the strongest food safety standards, including those set by the USDA. Our loyal customers who have loved the Farmer John brand for the last 85 years can rest assured that our products are safe to eat and enjoy.

  • Tell me about your animal welfare commitment?

    For 85 years, Farmer John has focused on treating animals humanely, simply because it is the right thing to do. We incorporate industry-leading animal welfare practices throughout the production process to produce the highest quality products.

    We perform and constantly reassess our animal welfare practices by monitoring the best scientific data available, utilizing new technologies and incorporating years of hands-on experience. This allows us to have a consistent, measurable and successful animal welfare program.

    Additionally, at Farmer John, animal welfare is a non-competitive issue. We are always willing to share best practices with our suppliers; however, the company does not dictate which systems our independent producers use to operate on their farms – as long as they are compliant with the animal welfare standards outlined in our Supplier Responsibility Principles.


  • Which Farmer John products can I store in the freezer?

    All Farmer John products can be stored in the freezer. According to the USDA, products should be frozen sooner rather than later to maintain quality. It’s best to store product in packaging that is recommended for freezing, and at 0°F or lower to retain vitamin content, color, flavor and texture.

  • How long do I have to consume a refrigerated meat product after I have cooked it?

    Guidelines provided by the USDA are as follows:

    • Consume cooked leftovers within four days;
    • Discard food left out at room temperature for more than two hours;
    • Place food into shallow containers and refrigerate immediately for rapid cooling; and –
    • Reheat leftovers to 165°F.
  • How long do I have to consume my refrigerated meat products after I've opened the package?

    The general rule is to consume the refrigerated product within three to five days after the package is opened. However, an opened package of bacon or hot dogs can be kept for a week in the refrigerator at 40°F or less.

  • Can I consume refrigerated meat products past the expiration date?

    No, you should not consume refrigerated meat products past the expiration date.

  • Are Farmer John products clearly labeled if they contain MSG?

    Yes, the law requires that all products containing monosodium glutamate (MSG) are clearly labeled. MSG is not allowed to fall under “flavorings” or “spice extracts.”

  • Which food allergens are recognized in Farmer John products?

    Peanuts, tree nuts, milk products, eggs, soy, wheat, crustaceans and fish.


  • What is the recommended amount of protein I should consume per day?

    While it varies by body weight, experts recommend that a healthy diet include .36 grams of protein per person.

  • Are Farmer John products good sources of protein?

    Yes, some of our products are excellent sources of protein, such as FARMER JOHN® Pork Tenderloin andthe FARMER JOHN® Extra Lean Ground Pork.

  • Are there any low-sodium Farmer John meats?

    Yes, we have options for reduced sodium meats like FARMER JOHN® Lower Sodium Bacon and FARMER JOHN® Lower Sodium Sliced Ham.

  • Does Farmer John offer any gluten-free products?

    We offer many gluten-free sausages, like FARMER JOHN® Meat Wieners, FARMER JOHN® Turkey Franks and even FARMER JOHN® Cajun Style Chicken Smoked Sausage.

  • What exactly is cured meat?

    Meat is often cured to preserve its freshness and flavor through smoking, seasoning or cooking. It’s one of many ways Farmer John ensures its food is delivered fresh.

  • What are some nutritional benefits of eating pork?

    Not only is pork a generous supplier of daily protein, but it’s also loaded with potassium, iron, riboflavin and B vitamins.


  • I heard Farmer John is changing ownership. What is the situation and how will that impact Farmer John products?

    Farmer John has been a beloved brand for more than 85 years. And yes, Smithfield Foods is in the process of acquiring Farmer John. This ownership change will be transparent to our customers as we focus on continuing to provide great tasting products to our fans throughout the West Coast. Here is a link to the press release for more details: Smithfield Press Release

  • Does Farmer John carry chorizo products?

    We currently offer a variety of chorizo products, including the FARMER JOHN® Traditional Pork Chorizo, FARMER JOHN® Mild Chorizo and FARMER JOHN® Spicy Chorizo.

  • Where can I find cooking instructions and recipes for Farmer John products?

    Cooking instructions and recipes can be found on our recipe and product pages.

  • Where can I find coupons for Farmer John products?

    Unfortunately, we do not have coupons available for mailing. You can find Farmer John coupons for products through promotions and advertising in Sunday newspaper inserts.

Charitable Giving

  • What information will I need to submit a donation request?
    • Requester contact information;
    • Organization contact information;
    • Organization 501(c)(3) tax ID;
    • What and why you are requesting;
    • When your organization needs the donation; and –
    • Your event/occasion group size.
  • How long does it take to get a reply to my donation request?

    Please allow four to eight weeks for a response to your request.

  • How do I apply for a donation?

    Hunger relief, youth sports and public service organizations are the priorities our company considers for donations. Please fill out our donation form and we will respond within four to eight weeks.