Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

Victory is Declared for L.A.’s Culinary Icon

Chicago. New York City. Mobile, Alabama. What do all of these cities have in common? They’ve all got their own official hot dog. But here in L.A., there was no such thing. How could that be? Los Angeles was the home of the world famously delicious Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog, served on street corners from Hollywood to Hermosa Beach. Something had to be done.

Farmer John, makers of both key ingredients in the legendary Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog, lent their support to a brave group of Angelenos known as the People for the Advancement of the Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog.

These local heroes started a website to gather signatures in favor of making the city’s culinary masterpiece the Official Hot Dog of Los Angeles, and took their message to the same streets where it was born.

Billboards, radio ads and tv commercials informed local citizens of the quest to make the Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog official, and thanks to Farmer John donating a pound of food for every vote, the response was overwhelming. Votes came pouring in through social media and mobile sites. Local radio station KROQ jumped on board, and along with Dodger hero Andre Ethier, helped to double the campaign’s initial goal of 25,000 votes. Signs, buttons and bumper stickers could be seen all over town, and impromptu rallies were springing up in various neighborhoods. The people had spoken. Now it was time for the City Council to listen.

L.A. City Councilman James LaBonge issued the proclamation on November 18, 2010, and with that, history was made. Los Angeles not only had an official hot dog, but one that was a true product of the city’s rich cultural and culinary history.