Internship Opportunities

Looking for an internship?

An internship at Farmer John is a great way to discover what it’s like to work in your field of study. Check us out on in the spring for more information on summer internships. We offer opportunities for hands on experience in fields such as sales and marketing, human resources, quality assurance, and engineering.



Currently enrolled in college, university or technical school

Demonstrated leadership skills

Strong work ethic and innovative spirit

Desire to work in an environment that values diversity, sustainability and ethics

Must pass a physical assessment and drug screen test

Must show proof of authorization to work in the U.S.



Intern hours may vary based on need. Interns receive compensation up to $14.00 per hour.


Intern Testimonial

Stephanie Rodriguez

2013 Maintenance Engineer Intern 

Major: Mechanical Engineer; CSULA


What attracted you to Farmer John?

I am currently studying engineering at CSULA and I wanted to gain working experience within the engineering field. Since I know very little about refrigeration, it is great to gain insights from Farmer John about my field of study.

What do you enjoy about your position?

I enjoy working with the people at Farmer John; they are very supportive and friendly. If I don’t understand something, someone is always willing to help. I also enjoy learning skills that I haven’t had much exposure to at school, such as AutoCAD.

What type of opportunities do you feel Farmer John offers?

Farmer John offers numerous opportunities to everyone, such as internal growth opportunities within the company or offering employment to candidates outside of the company. As a female, I thought it would be difficult to find an engineering internship since engineering is dominated by men. However, Farmer John gave me an internship opportunity that allowed me to gain a lot of experience and knowledge.

How has Farmer John developed and fostered your career growth?

Farmer John allowed me to develop my skills in AutoCAD. I wrote technical papers that helped me understand how a compressor and condenser work, as well as the impact that thermodynamics and fluid mechanics have in making everything work together. My internship greatly fostered my career growth as I got to learn and see what other engineers do, which has given me an outlook of what my future career will look like as an engineer.