Community Support

Our company supports our employee's active participation in local community programs and helps in the fight against hunger in the communities that we serve.

Community Involvement

Farmer John employees are actively engaged in giving back to the community. During the holidays, employees spread a little cheer throughout the community by donating toys to children and serving food to the families that are in need of support. Throughout the year, employees donate essentials such as school supplies, canned food and clothing.


Hunger relief, youth sports and public service organizations are the priorities our company considers for donations. Given our strong network supporting hunger relief, Farmer John is not currently accepting new partnerships at this time and will respond to youth sports requests on an individual basis.


Hunger is a reality faced by many people across the nation. In an effort to reduce the impact of hunger in our communities, Farmer John partners with several local organizations. By making considerable donations and committing time throughout the year, Farmer John is working to:

  • Provide relief to those in need;
  • Support local needs with locally made products;
  • Create an environment of support throughout the communities we serve; and
  • Engage our employees in the efforts they support.

Youth Sports & Public Service Groups Product Discount

Farmer John supports youth sports to ensure that, from a young age, children are educated on the benefits of staying healthy and being active in their local communities. As part of our mission to be engaged with, and support our community, Farmer John also supports our local public service organizations.

Submit a Request for a discounted product.
Provide a letter with your organization's letterhead verifying its 501(c)(3) Tax ID status, and tax ID number.

Discount Terms
Eligible leagues and public service organizations will be given subsidized case pricing for products listed on our discount menu. We require that organizations have the ability to pick up product from our distribution center in Vernon, CA.