Farmer John contributes to long-term social and economic development in our community by preserving our environment for future generations.

As stewards of our community, Farmer John actively seeks ways to improve the environment. Here are just a few examples of our efforts.




In 2012, Farmer John was recognized by the City of Vernon for achieving zero waste to landfill status. In our efforts to improve our material handling program, we reduced our landfill material contribution completely. We diverted waste away from the landfill to a waste to energy plant, providing energy to nearby residences and businesses in Los Angeles. As a result of these initatives, some of the annual benefits include:

  • Generating a net of 0.2 megawatts (MW) of electricity, enough to power 343 homes, saving the equivalent of more than 1,631 barrels of oil;
  • Mixing ash from the facility with cement generating 498 tons of road base aggregate, the equivalent of paving 906 feet of road six inches thick and 20 feet wide;
  • Saving 2,661 cubic yards of landfill space, the equivalent of a football field piled two feet high;
  • Reducing the transportation cost of hauling waste to the local landfill, saving 64 miles per trip;

Incinerator Diagram provided by the LACSD


Recyclable Material Handling

A recent initative to improve our sorting procedures allowed us recover recyclable materials that were mixed with landfill waste. This initiative allowed us to annually recover:

  • 961 tons of cardboard; the equivalent of 16,337 trees, enough to supply 85 percent of the trees in central park;
  • 134 tons of metal, enough to build 52 new cars.


More than 30 percent of our workforce carpools, walks, rides a bike or uses public transportation to commute to work. This reduces harmful air pollutants in our region.