Farmer John® Premium Lard 4 lb. Pail

Also available in 50 lb. box.
Baking Benefits
The texture of baked goods will vary depending on the solid fat used in a recipe because the melting points of lard, butter & shortening differ.  Butter has a lower melting point than lard; with the adjusted butter to lard conversion, however, lard yields a flakier biscuit, pie dough, scone & cake.  In all recipes, lard creates a smoother, wetter dough/batter than shortening and bakes to the same consistency.
  • Lard to Vegetable Shortening Comparison: 1 cup lard = 1 cup shortening
    • *Crisco shortening was used in testing
  • Lard to Butter Comparison: 7/8 cup lard = 1 cup butter
    • *Land ‘O Lakes unsalted butter was used in testing
Why lard?
First of all, what is lard?  Lard is pork fat.
But Lard is the great misunderstood fat.  It actually contains less saturated fat than butter.  Its level of monosaturated fat (the good fat) is a very respectable 45%; double butter’s paltry 23%.
The Quality & Consistency Your Demand for Your Customers
Our full line of premium lard products helps create a wide variety of baked goods, as well as perfectly fried foods your customers love to make at home.  With a long frying life and consistent performance, Farmer John lard is ideal for just about any application.
Features & Benefits
  • Zero Trans Fat per Serving
  • Versatile & Cost Effective
    • Great to use for both baking and cooking
    • Add delicious flavor and aroma to a variety of foods
    • Does not absorb into fried foods, for ideal texture
    • Perfect for cakes, cookies, biscuits, pie crusts, tortillas, fried chicken & more
    • Typically, less expensive for consumers than other substitutes such as butter or vegetable shortening
  • Ideally Sized: Available in 16 oz. cube, 4 lb. cube, 4 lb. pail, and 50 lb. box sizes
  • Bilingual Label: for stores targeting Hispanic consumers, boxes and tubs can be merchandised with Spanish label facing front